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Qorsi turns your existing services into information products
that scale your revenue

Membership Sites

Give customers the exclusive content that only your business can provide

Online Courses

Teaching your customers to fish is better for the bottom line than you think

Long-Form Content

Blogs and newsletters grow your audience, but eBooks and guides monetise it

Why Information Products?

You’re delivering high-value services at 110% capacity. Now what? Qorsi helps you leverage your organisation’s existing knowledge and expertise to create information products that sell further up the funnel. Information products are like a force multiplier turning your small services team into a digital powerhouse, your local business into a national or global one, your passion into a movement.

The hard thing about a services business powered by sweat and elbow grease is that to grow revenue, you have to increase your expense, price, or both. Everything’s a compromise. Not so with Qorsi. The information products we build are like digital versions of your business. Each one costs you virtually nothing to service, and we manage the design, build, delivery and monetisation of these products for you. This is how you go beyond mere growth.


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